Michael's Portfolio

Autumn Days Are Gone

Bad Day

Believe Me

Black La Fonda


Black Taos

Black World Cup

Blue Donkey

Blue She Donkey


Brown La Fonda

Cowboy Cubbie

Crazy Black @ Taos Hotel

Crazy Black La Fonda



Elizardo I

Elizardo II

Full Cowboy Cubbie


Fun At the Ball

Here Comes the Circus

House Cubbie

I Found Wall Street


Inagural Donkey

Journey Home

Little Girl

Los Tres Amigos


Mexican Graffitiy

Mr. Brown

Mr. T

My Horse Decor


Peek a Boo

Pretty In Blue

Professor White

Rainbow Donkey


Santa Fe



The Candidate


The Congressman

The Fonda

Goofy Maytra-dee

The Governor


The Mayor

The Messenger

The Office Boy

The Secretary


The Senator

The Staffer

Tiger's Buddy

Two Faces


Uncle Bob

Waiting for Rider

Where the Hell



Yellow Donkey


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